Suffolk Places has been an idea I’ve had for some time ever since I first came to live in this beautiful county in the 1990s.

I grew up in the North East surrounded by steel works and concrete towns occasionally getting on my bicycle and heading out into the countryside whenever I got the chance. I used to watch Lovejoy on TV as a teenager and loved the idea of sleepy rural villages dotted with the occasional antiques shop and village store. It seemed a world away from the industrial town I was living in.

Jump forward in time to University where I found myself working in Ipswich on a placement and spending every weekend exploring the Suffolk countryside.

Post graduation I returned to Suffolk and I have been here ever since exploring everything this beautiful rural county has to offer. My knowledge of places to visit and things to see and do became so extensive that I gained a reputation of being the unofficial Suffolk tourist information point at the company where I was working at the time.

About ten years ago someone suggested that I extract all that useful information from my head and create a web site so that others may find it useful.

Now there are a few sites already providing information on Suffolk (we link to a few of them on our front page) but they don’t delve to deeply and tend to focus on the major attractions and buildings and ruins operated by The National Trust or English Heritage. Whereas Suffolk Places aims to delve deeper to provide more information on places in Suffolk. Of course we’ll tell you about the major attractions and popular towns too but we’ll also explore hidden gems while telling you about the great places we’ve found to eat, atmospheric pubs serving tasty beer and real ale, quaint independent shops and even which tv or movie has been filmed here and there.

Suffolk Places is currently the work of a handful of people so hopefully you can appreciate that it takes time to write each post, to take photos and publish them and to reply to any enquiries. So please bare with us as we continue to add content to our site.

If you visited us today because you were looking for information on a particular place in Suffolk or a particular attraction or event and didn’t find what you were looking for, please drop us an email at feedback@suffolkplaces.co.uk And we’ll aim to update the site as quickly as possible.

Thank you for visiting Suffolk Places