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Best jacket potato in Suffolk

One of my favourite lunch time light meals is the Great British jacket potato, filled with your choice of fillings and garnished with a side salad.

I’ve dined at a lot of Suffolk eateries over the years and I’ve eaten a lot of jacket potatoes laden with every filling known to man. From the traditional tuna mayo to beans and cheese to the more fancy chicken tikka or coronation chicken.

However when it comes to naming the best jacket potato in Suffolk in my opinion it’s not a place that you may expect like a fancy restaurant in Lavenham or a cafe in Southwold. In fact you’ve probably never even heard of the place because it doesn’t really advertise and primarily caters to the workers located in the very building it occupies, although it is open to the general public.

The name of the cafe is Truly Scrumptious and it is located in Felaw Maltings in Ipswich town centre a stones throw from the waterfront.

So why are their jacket potatoes so good? Well they start by slowly baking them early in the morning turning them occasionally and brushing the skins with oil and salt so that when they are ready they taste truly scrumptious. They also have a decent selection of fillings, and a generous helping of salad at no extra cost. In fact the overall cost is a lot less than your average high street prices.

Check them out next time you are in the area.

Suffolk Places were not paid for this post and has no affiliation with TS Cafe.

With Love from Suffolk

FILM Suffolk (, a regional non-profit organisation, is coordinating the production “With Love From… Suffolk”: a romantic film in the vein of Love Actually comprised of eight short romantic tales celebrating love in Suffolk.

The production aims to bring exposure to the local film industry as well as our county. Eight teams are working on each section of the film comprising local talent including 1980s Hollywood director Graham Baker (the Omen 3, Beowulf, Alien Nation), local writer/director Daniel Simpson (The Rendlesham UFO Incident, Spiderhole) and support from blockbuster cinematographer Steven Hall (Star Wars VII, The Imitation Game, Gladiator).

They need your support to make this film happen so please take the time to visit


Ashbocking is a village located north of Ipswich near Otley in Suffolk. The village features many grand homesteads and local businesses.

Swiss Farm butchers is located in Ashbocking and is popular with lovcal residents for providing quality local meat and produce.

Crockery Barn is also located in Ashbocking and features a cafe.

Ellis Furniture a bespoke cabinet maker is also located in Ashbocking village.


Aldham is a small village located in south Suffolk west of Ipswich. Most of the residents live on the main thoroughfare Aldham Street. The village features several listed buildings, the church of St Mary and a Hall.

Evidence of links to smuggling have been found at Aldham.