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Clare is a large village located west of Cavendish in the south-west of Suffolk.

This historic town is a popular tourist destination. It features over one hundred listed buildings including the Ancient house, several churches, four public houses residing in historic buildings, a country park and a disused railway station.

A visit to Clare should be on the itinerary of any trip to Suffolk. The local architecture and buildings are great examples of historic traditional Suffolk buildings. Take a wonder around the village and sample the goods offered by the local stores. Then head on down to the country park and disused train station for a pleasant stroll through scenic woodland by the river.

Clare is well known for its floral displays.


Cavendish is a picturesque village located in the south-west of Suffolk not far from Clare.

There are local shops and a village green with nearby Suffolk pink cottages and the village church.

Sue Ryder of the Sue Ryder Foundation is buried in Cavendish.